Blue Ox Towing

Blue Ox Towing

Recreational & Commercial Flat Towing

Whether you are a full-time RV’er who needs a commuter car to run errands or an adventurer who uses a motorhome as a base camp or tows an off-road vehicle with a pickup, there is a Blue Ox® towing system for you. 

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Blue Ox tow bars can pull from 5,000 lbs to 120,000 lbs with the right hookup.
- Receiver Mount Tow Bars
` Easy Release Locking Handles
` Offset Triple Lugs
` Fold Away Storage
- Pintle Ring & Ball Mount Tow Bars
` Versatile
` Easy mounting/dismounting
- Commercial & Industrial Tow Bars
` Specifically designed for commercial and   industrial applications


Blue Ox has over 3,000 baseplates to fit thousands of different towed vehicles. 
` Cosmetically appealing installation
` Removable tabs on most models
` Links for safety cable attachment
` Bolts securely to the chassis
` Spreads towing force equally without undue stress on the frame
` Keeps weights placed on the suspension to a minimum

Braking Systems

Finish your hookup with the best braking system on the market from Blue Ox. True proportional braking that applies the brakes smoothly while you're slowing down to a stop, instead of suddenly jolting your tow vehicle, causing costly damage to your brakes.

Towing Accessories

Blue Ox supports each of its products with accompanying accessories. Stop by Blue Ox Outfitters today to see available accessories for all your towing needs!

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