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Blue Ox Outfitters, owned by Jonathan Woodward, was started in 2000 in the back of Jonathan’s pickup truck.  Wanting to find the perfect name for a truck accessory business, Jonathan enlisted the help of his wife and family.  They each heard all of the options for the store (and, yes, there were many) and almost everyone he asked, could only remember the name, Blue Ox.  Fifteen years later, that name stands as tall as its namesake, Babe, the blue ox from the great tale, Paul Bunyan.   

The owner’s tale of the past forty plus years of his life should help paint a picture of why he decided to open Blue Ox and pursue a career in the automotive industry.  Born into the car side of the industry, Jonathan’s father, Harry Woodward was an owner in the Key Royal group, which opened Pontiac, Buick and GMC dealerships all over the country during his career.  Settling in Selma, Alabama, Jonathan’s family owned and managed its own dealership.  It was a favorite place for a young boy to hang out after school and in the summer.  His passion quickly became anything that you can drive or sell – cars, trucks, and boats, oh my!  This passion developed into his own business plan later in life as he opened a full service car wash and truck accessory store, Automotive Detail of Selma.   
Afer meeting his wife, Jennifer, and moving to Montgomery, he decided to sell the business in Selma and work for one of his distributors for a while. This part of the Ox tale didn’t last very long.  With a bit of boredom and a growing desire to start over, Blue Ox was born.  Travelling over the tri-county region, Jonathan marketed a full-line of wholesale and retail truck accessories to businesses both big and small.  As the business grew, and with great advice from a co-worker, he then decided to open what is now the Blue Ox retail store in the Millbrook/Prattville area.   
Throughout all of this, the business has continued to grow.  Jonathan considers many of you loyal customers as family.  The Blue Ox crew looks forward to those of you who are ‘regulars’ who stop in for a visit, whether you are there to shop or just have a cup of coffee.  It’s you regulars, and the grace of God, who have made Blue Ox what it is today.  For that, Jonathan and the Blue Ox crew are eternally grateful.    Not to mention the two toe-headed boys who were only a thought when Blue Ox started, but are now already working on Dad for their own truck and accessories to outfit it! 
I Thessalonians 4:11,12 
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